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I've been online since the mid-1980s. I spent more than 30 years as a broadcast journalist, producing, editing and writing for a major TV network's newscasts. I moved into the online world professionally in 1995, first overseeing my network's news coverage on AOL, then later helping to launch our own news website.

Since leaving journalism 8 years ago, I have served as a managing editor for an online PR site and as the multimedia manager for a major public relations and investor relations wire. I now freelance. For more details, please contact me at LesBlatt[at]aol[dot]com.

I have been a fan of classic mystery stories since I was a kid. "Classic Mysteries" - the blog and the podcast - are my attempts to share my love for these books with a wider audience.

"LB's Rambles" consists of my thoughts on communications, journalism, advertising and public relations, with occasional side forays. Among those side trips are weekly explorations of classic mystery novels, linked to my podcast, "Classic Mysteries."

Suggestions are more than welcome. Please feel free to use the comments sections on the blogs to join the conversations.


Classic mystery stories, communications, writing, podcasting, blogging, traveling, social media, web 2.0